Portpatrick Bowling Club



Portpatrick Bowling Club is dedicated to creating an environment that nurtures the enjoyment and enthusiasm of every player within our sport, through a safe, positive environment. We want to empower our players to base their conduct on a sense of personal integrity based on the acceptance of rules, fairness, equality, respect for others, moral conduct and a sense of what is right; where unethical behaviour, rule breaking, drug taking, or violence is automatically rejected as being irrelevant to the true purpose of bowling.


I agree to:


  • Be friendly and supportive, offer help if needed
  • Practice and participate fairly and be trustworthy
  • Behave with respect to others including coaches, officials, players, parents, team managers and spectators.
  • Respect the rules of my sport, those of the facilities and Portpatrick Bowling Club
  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of all participants regardless of age, gender, ability, race, cultural background or religious beliefs or sexual identity
  • Always strive to do my best and refrain from inappropriate conduct towards others including physical, verbal, written or emotional, in person or through use of social media
  • Be a positive role model and refrain from bullying and getting involved in inappropriate peer pressure and push others into something they do not want to do
  • Set a good example at all times in aspects of dress, punctuality, language, behaviour and respect of equipment and others
  • Wear suitable clothing
  • Will not smoke, consume alcohol or drugs of any kind whilst wearing official Portpatrick Bowling Club clothing, if you engage in these activities socially then you do so in an appropriate and responsible manner
  • Abide by Portpatrick Bowling Club Mobile Phone Policy and Social Media Policy
  • Report inappropriate behaviour or situations that make you feel uncomfortable or concerned to a coach/official/volunteer

Our sport recognises that to create a supportive atmosphere, which allows everyone to compete / participate to the best of their abilities, it is important for players to know that while we have high expectations of their behaviour, they can expect the same in return from us.

You have the right to:


  • Be safe and happy while taking part in the sport in a protected environment
  • Be respected and treated fairly and participate on an equal basis, appropriate to your ability
  • Be protected from abuse by others from within our/or out with our sport
  • Ask for help
  • Be believed
  • Be listened too
  • Be referred to professional help if needed

Breaches of the Player Code of Conduct will be dealt with in accordance with Portpatrick Bowling Club disciplinary procedures.


I understand that if I do not follow the Player Code of Conduct, any / all of the following actions ( not an exhaustive list ) may be taken by Portpatrick Bowling Club


  • Be required to apologise formally
  • Receive a warning; verbal or written
  • Be dropped or substituted
  • Suspended by the club
  • Be required to leave the club

Policy Acceptance

By signing the code of conduct, I acknowledge that I have read and agree to abide by the following  Portpatrick Bowling Club policies

  • Wellbeing and Protection Policy
  • Anti-Bullying Policy
  • Mobile Phone Policy
  • Social Media Policy

I have read and understood the above Code of Conduct and I agree to be bound by it: