From This Tired Old Building
From This Tired Old Building

We at Portpatrick Bowling and Tennis Club are coming out to deliver for the Resident, Business and Visiting Community.

Please use the CONTACT button above to help us discover your needs.

We have a facility that can be transformed for you.

To a Desirable Modern Facility

A Fabulous  one-off Opportunity

Portpatrick Bowling and Tennis Club is looking to attract new members and has restructured into an asset locked not-for-profit community-based Company. By being bold and broadening our scope we find ourselves on a mission. Join us to provide a centre for sport, culture, art, relaxation and more. By joining us in our vision, working together and thinking bold, we can create just what the village needs. Join us and be a part of the journey. Don’t let age or anything else be a barrier.

Let’s be smart, let’s get it done.

We are faced not with a choice but a challenge.

Challenge your beliefs and dream!

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