Portpatrick Bowling Club        

Social Media Policy Policy Statement

This policy is designed to offer practical guidance for responsible and constructive communications via social media platforms for representatives of Portpatrick Bowling Club. 

A “representative”, for the purposes of this policy, means someone who represents Portpatrick Bowling Club through employment, competition, coaching or other voluntary undertakings. This includes Directors, District Secretaries, Presidents/Vice Presidents, Honorary Members, Staff, Players, Coaches and those providing any further voluntary services under the jurisdiction of Portpatrick Bowling Club. 

Portpatrick Bowling Club fully acknowledges and respects the legal rights of our staff, players, representatives and volunteers. 

The proper focus of this policy relates to activities in or outside of Portpatrick Bowling Club that affect the performance of others, our business interests, the membership or public perception of the organisation and/or those representing Portpatrick Bowling Club.

Policy Objectives

To establish practical, reasonable and enforceable guidelines by which our “representatives” can conduct responsible, constructive social media engagement in both official and unofficial capacities.

To promote a safe and positive environment for “representatives” to share subject matter and expertise that is not proprietary and earns recognition for the outstanding use of social media for business and the promotion of our sport.

To prepare our “representatives” to utilise social media channels to help each other, the wider organisation and the communities we serve.

Guiding Principles

Social Media is a fantastic opportunity for Portpatrick Bowling Club “representatives” to communicate the work being done by the organisation to modernise, develop, widen and promote Bowls at International, National and Grassroots level. 

The following areas set out the organisation’s guiding principles for the use of Social Media which “representatives” are expected to adhere to;

  • Portpatrick Bowling Club trusts and expects “representatives” to exercise personal responsibility whenever they use social media.
  • Personal responsibility includes not violating the trust of those with whom you are engaging or This includes taking/sending photos without the consent of the subject/recipient, or which are indecent or otherwise inappropriate.
  • “Representatives” should never use social media for covert advocacy, subversive marketing or personal public relations
  • Portpatrick Bowling Club is committed to avoid and eliminate unfair discrimination of any kind within bowls in Scotland, and will under no circumstances condone unlawful discriminatory practices. The organisation also takes a zero tolerance approach to harassment. Social media should never be used to discriminate against a person(s)
  • When “representatives” use social media to communicate relative to a Portpatrick Bowling Club matter or subject topic they should clearly identify themselves and their role as a “representative”.
  • Only those officially designated by Portpatrick Bowling Club can use social media to speak on behalf of Portpatrick Bowling Club in an official capacity.
  • When you see misrepresentations made about Portpatrick Bowling Club by the media, analysts, bloggers or other social media users, you may use your blog, social networking account or other social media platform to point the misrepresentation But you may only do so in an official capacity or as a “representative” if you follow the terms of this policy.
  • Different social media channels have proper and improper business

For example, members of social networks are expected to read, and when appropriate respond, to questions asked of them from another member of their social network. 

It is important for “representatives” to understand what is recommended, expected and required when they discuss topics. If the matter is of a private or confidential matter do not divulge this information publicly, if it is out with the “representatives” remit then refer the question to the relevant party within the organisation. 

If in doubt, leave it out and do NOT post a comment on social media which is defamatory, inaccurate, libellous or offensive.

All “representatives” agree to promote a positive image of Portpatrick Bowling Club on Social Media and will not post, like or share negative comments regarding the organization, its staff or any other matter relating to Portpatrick Bowling Club.  

Direct Messaging and Private Messaging are still undertaken within Social Media “environments” and “representatives” should understand that the Guiding Principles relate to all are of Social Media and Digital Communication.

I understand that if I do not follow the Social Media Policy any/all of the following actions may be taken by my club and/or Bowls Scotland:

  • Be required to apologise formally
  • Receive a warning; verbal or written
  • Be dropped or substituted
  • Suspended by the club
  • Be required to leave the club
  • Be required to have my continued participation in club activities supervised by my parents/carers
  • Be required to sign up to a behaviour management plan
  • Serious breaches depending on the nature of the incident may have to be reported to the police


I have read and understand the above information and appropriate use of social media within Portpatrick Bowling Club / club sessions / events. I understand that this form will be kept on file and that the details may be used (and shared with a third party, if necessary) to assist identifying a phone should the need arise (e.g. if lost, or if the phone is being used inappropriately).

*NB If this document is being signed by a person under the age of 18 it should be co-signed by their parent/carer.

Please note: Subject to the Data Protection Act 2018, any information supplied will be stored securely and not used for any other purpose than stated in the policy.

LG-Policies and Guidelines (02) 28/11/2021