Portpatrick Bowling Club


 Portpatrick Bowling Club is dedicated to nurturing the enjoyment and enthusiasm of every player within our sport, through a safe, enjoyable environment, recognising that players participate for fun and encouraging all our players/teams to do well, BUT not at all costs. It is important that players participate in the right spirit and in a supportive atmosphere which allows them to bowl to the best of their abilities.

In order to achieve this result we rely heavily on spectators to give their support in the right way. Therefore, all events are covered by this code of conduct and we require all spectators to abide by it.

Positive Supporters:

  • Encourage all players by applauding their effort
  • Show understanding when players make mistakes or if they don’t win
  • Be positive. Discuss performances in a constructive manner at an appropriate time, focus on things the player did well. Don’t dwell on mistakes
  • Abide by Portpatrick Bowling Club – Mobile Phone Policy and Social Media Policy
  • Support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from sporting activities
  • Applaud other players and teams for their efforts, not just your own
  • Respect other players, coaches, volunteers and spectators and make them feel welcome
  • Behave responsibly and do not use inappropriate language or behaviour whilst attending, involved in or spectating at all bowling activities at all levels. Treat all players, coaches, volunteers, officials, parents, team managers and other spectators with respect

Where a spectator is a member of a Portpatrick Bowling Club  breaches the Spectators Code of Conduct they will be dealt with in accordance with Portpatrick Bowling Club disciplinary procedures.

If the spectator is not a member of Portpatrick Bowling Club any breaches of the Spectator Code of Conduct will result in removal from the event / a ban for future events.

LG-Code of Conduct (06) -12/11/2021